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Why Shopping With Us Is Safe

You may have concerns or have heard about fake websites scamming UK shoppers into buying goods that either never arrive or are counterfeit, and you may also be worried about your credit card details being used fraudulent purposes.We would like to assure all our customers that when you buy from us that you are 100% safe and that all the watches we sell are authentic. We appreciate that you may have concerns about purchasing such a high value item online and we offer the following useful information and checks to do before buying anything online:

Customer Trust

  1. Know who you are dealing with:
    • Physical address: We are a UK registered company (Precision Time Ltd No. 5042037) with a VAT number, trading since 2004. Our Company information and Trading address is displayed on our website. As we are based in the UK you are fully protected by The Sales of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) if the product you buy turns up not as described. If you choose to buy from non-UK companies then it will be more difficult for you to resolve any problems that may occur. You can also come to collect your orders from our Cheadle, Cheshire office by appointment if you prefer.
    • Website registration address: you check which the registrant details for any website by performing a WHOIS search to see who owns that website name. Scam website owners will generally be registered to people or companies in countries that are not in the UK. You can see the results for the Precision Time Ltd WHOIS information
    • See if the company responds to communications: We always contactable on our UK freephone 0800 862 0330 (Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm - excluding UK Bank Holidays) should you have any other queries, complaints or require after-sales support. Fraudulent companies will not have phone numbers and/or not answer any calls.
  2. Does the website hide any important information or charges?
    • What is the delivery time? Many websites hide the delivery time or stock availability, at Precision Time Watches we display if the watch is “in stock” at out UK depot (ready for next day delivery), if not in stock we display the estimated delivery times if the item has to be ordered from the supplier.
    • Check for delivery costs: At PrecisionTime.co.uk All product prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery costs from £11.95 per delivery. Please be aware that If ordering from other companies based outside the UK / EU you will be charged VAT and clearance fees when goods arrive at UK Customs which can add up to 20% additional costs to pay before the courier can release the goods, PrecisionTime.co.k are based in the UK so no extra charges apply.
    • Do I need to pay anything upfront?Some other companies require a partial or full payment upfront before sourcing the product you require. This can lead to problems trying to get refunds if you wish to cancel or if the product cannot be sourced. At Precision Time Ltd if paying by Credit card or Paypal we only take a “Pre-authorisation” which means that the transaction is only reserved against your account. It will not show on your statement until we have dispatched the goods to you.
  3. Check what types of payments the company accepts: All our card payments are processed through Natwest Streamline and SagePay in the UK. In order for a company as large as the Natwest to provide this kind of service you have to be thoroughly vetted beforehand in order to maintain their integrity. As such if there were any fraudulent activity on our behalf then this facility would be quickly withdrawn from us. Fraudulent companies may only want payment by bank transfers so there is very little chance to recover your money if there are problems.
  4. Check the website is “secure” and safe when entering information:
    • Check the website offers a SSL checkout When entering any card details or sensitive information check that the address of the web site changes from ‘http://www...’ to https://www...’ indicating that the site communication is secure (usually your browser will display a padlock symbol). This prevents any unwanted third-parties reading the data transfer. In addition we do not store any credit card numbers on our database, all credit card numbers are sent for payment authorisation and deleted immediately.
    • Check the website is not malicious: Websites that are insecure can be hacked to steal your information without your knowledge. The Precision Time website has been tested by McAfee security to be free of spyware and viruses.
  5. What if I am not happy with my purchase after receipt? :
    • We offer a 21 day returns policy as standard: If you are not happy with your purchase in any way we allow up to 21 days after receipt of watch for a request for exchange or refund. Full return and exchange policy information here
    • Christmas exchanges: For the busy Christmas period we will allow for an extended Christmas returns policy in order for you to shop early. More details will be provided during the months of November / December
  6. Credit card protection: When paying by Visa credit card or Mastercard for purchase amounts between £100 and £30,000 you may be further protected by the UK Section 75 Consumer Credit Act.
  7. Check the reputation of the online company using independent websites: We are independently reviewed by previous satisfied customers on www.trustpilot.co.uk, the UK's leading price comparison shopping website. Any positive or negative reviews are left for anyone to view.

By checking the above information before you buy you can ensure a safer internet shopping experience.

More information on safer online shopping can be found on the UK Governments ConsumerDirect.gov.uk website

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About PrecisionTime.co.uk

  1. Why are we cheaper than the high street jewellers? The reason why our prices are able to be discounted is because authorised dealers are not allowed to sell them below the manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRP) or deliver the watches on the internet. Our low prices are as a result from being an independent watch trader selling direct to you along with the low overheads of being an internet based company.
  2. Do we sell brand new genuine authentic goods?
    • All our watches are sourced brand new only from European authorised dealers. The watch you receive will be exactly the same as if you had bought it from your local high street jewellers (They will include all serial numbers, original inner and outer packaging, manuals, etc).
    • We do not buy or sell second hand watches. If any watch we sell to you is proved to be not brand new or authentic then we will guarantee a full refund to you.
    • We currently list over 3000 current watch models for sale on our website. It would be impossible to provide a replica watch that would pass for a genuine watch for every watch that we sold on our website.
    • Being a UK based company if we did sell non-genuine goods we would be quickly closed down by UK trading standards.
  3. Do you take my money straight away? Precision Time only pre-authorises your card payment so we only take your full payment when we have dispatched the watch from our UK depot. If you wish to cancel your order before delivery then you can do so and no transactions will show on your card statement.
  4. How safe is the delivery process? When orders are dispatched from our UK depot we pack the goods securely in a bubble-wrapped unmarked outer brown cardboard box to prevent transit damage to the goods. All deliveries are then made using a signed-for secure courier with full Goods In Transit insurance so if the parcel is lost or damaged you will not be at a loss.

We hope that this section provides enough information for you in order to proceed with your custom, but as always we are always happy to help you answering any questions before placing an order.

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The facts about counterfeit / replica / fake watches

As with many products there is a common concern about purchasing a non-authentic product. You can be confident when buying from PrecisionTime.co.uk that we only sell genuine watches. The facts about the replica watches are as follows:

  1. Where are fake watches made? All replica watches (and other luxury goods) are made somewhere in Asia (mostly China) where the regulation of copyrights and trademarks are not enforced regularly. Thus to purchase fake goods you have to buy off a trader in the Far East who will then attempt to smuggle the goods past EU customs. Any fake products found at EU customs will be seized and destroyed, and the customer will lose their money in the process.
  2. How good are replica watches compared to the genuine product? The reason why “Swiss Made” watches have developed a international reputation for quality and precision is because of hundreds of years of finest watchmaking traditon. Visually replicas may look similar at a glance but upon inspection the fake watches are obvious to spot. It is highly unlikely that a Far East watch maker can consistently match the quality of an established Swiss watchmaker. Common flaws are as follows:
    1. No original boxes / manuals: Fake watches rarely come with the original boxes or manuals that you should get if you buy the watch from your local jeweller. You may get a box that is different and of lower quality to the official product.
    2. Cheap materials used for construction: Authentic Swiss made watches will be made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. Fake watches may not be made from true stainless steel and will cause allergic reactions.
    3. Poor quality bracelet feel: Replica watches till try to concentrate on trying to match the dial and case leaving the bracelet as an afterthought. As such the feel of the bracelet will be cheap and the locking clasp mechanism will not be smooth like a quality Swiss made watch.
    4. Poor quality screw-in crown: If the watch features a screw-in crown on the genuine model then fake watches will either leave it out or have a very poor quality screw-in system
    5. Undecorated Chinese-made movement inside (for automatic watches): Most automatic watch replicas will have a cheap Chinese-made movement inside instead of a real Swiss-made movement. Further more, for the more prestige brands a watchmaker will skillfully hand-decorate the movement, polishing and brushing each parts appearance and how it reflects the light through patterns and textures. If the movement is hidden from view with a solid caseback then any watchmaker opening the case will immediately spot the fake movement inside.
    6. General poor watch quality: A major characteristic of authentic watches is extreme attention to detail. Authentic Swiss watches will not leave obvious gaps, have poorly spaced dial markings, have useless non-working buttons or incorrect markings or forget to include certain markings. Additonally with replica watches parts will break easily (usually within a few months wear) and life span of these watches will be 2 to 3 years. When they do eventually break no official service centre will fix a replica watch.
  3. How common are fake watches? As with any product available on the market you reduce your chances of getting a replica by buying from a trusted long-established UK seller. Tips to avoid getting a non-authentic product:
    • Buy from a reputable traceable source: If you buy a watch from a market-stall, contact in a pub or even online auction sites there is more incentive to sell a fake watch as there is no comeback to the seller. Precision Time Watches have been trading since 2004 and are always contactable for any reason at all.
    • Does the vendor only have a limited range available?: For each watch manufacturer they have typically a number of collections available with tens of variations of dial colour, band type, etc. Sellers that are only offering a few select models and display only the standard manufacturers image may indicate a less than reputable source.
    • Is the price too good to be true? As mentioned above the economic cost to produce a quality watch means that it is highly unlikely that a designer watch could be over 50% off.

Ultimately if you are looking to pay £150 for a replica version of a £1500 watch you may get something that may look vaguley similar to the authentic product but will be of poor quality. Simply the economic cost and skill involved to produce a quality timepiece means that it will be impossible for a cheap replica to match a real authentic watch.

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