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Warranty information

Warranty Repair Information

When you buy your watch from Precision Time Ltd your watch will come with a warranty card valid for the period as described in the product information (generally 2 years but some products are 1 year). As Precision Time Ltd are a not a listed retailer for some brands offered for sale as we sell their products under the RRP then it may not be possible to issue a manufacturers warranty card.

Watches marked with "PT warranty" will be issued with a "Precision Time" warranty card . All watches issued with a "PT Warranty" card requiring warranty repair claims are only valid through Precision Time. All products sold by Precision Time Ltd are guaranteed to be new and authentic sourced from authorised jewellers from the EU.

Products sold with the "Manufacturers warranty" can be sent directly to the manufacturers service centre (listed in the service book) or sent to Precision Time.

In the unlikely event that your watch develops a fault within the warranty period please contact us first by telephone or email to our Warranty Department or use Contact Us form with "Subject: Warranty Enquiry" and we will advise you on your warranty repair. It maybe the case that we will be able to resolve your problem without the need for posting the watch out

Please do not return any faulty watches to us for repair without informing us first.

Note: After the warranty has expired this does not affect the ability to have your watch serviced at the manufacturers official service centre for your country if required. You will just only need to send your watch and the relevant payment for the service required. (No warranty card required as it will have expired)

What is covered under the warranty?

A free warranty repair and return shall be provided in case of:

  • Battery life: We guarantee the life of a battery for quartz models for 12 months only. A free battery change and reseal will be provided within 12 months of delivery.
  • Timing abnormalities: Watches that have symptons of gaining / losing time or stopped. Mechanical or automatic watches should run +/- 30 seconds a day depending on the usage, if the watch consistantly falls out of this range a free timing adjustment service can be provided .
  • Clasp problems: Where products come with locking clasps they may work loose or be difficult to open over time.

NOT included in the warranty:

  • The glass crystal and non-metallic bracelets.
  • External damage to the case or bracelet / strap (e.g knocks, chips, scratches, leather stitching, etc)
  • Damage due to an accident, normal wear and tear, negligence, poor treatment or attempts to repair by a non-approved repair shop.
  • Loss or theft

Battery Life: For quartz battery watches we will offer a free battery change up to 12 months from date of purchase. Any battery changes required after 12 months will be done at customers cost.

Please note that for watches needing repair under warranty they need to be sent to the service centre. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the watch to be repaired then returned to you. The length of time is dependent on the type of part required for the repair.

Our Returns Policy and Warranty Repairs do not affect the consumer's legal rights

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